Call for Papers

Welcome to the First Workshop "Advanced perception, Machine learning and Data sets" (AMD'16) as part of the 2016 IEEE 19th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2016), to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on November 1-4, 2016.

Aim & Scope

The aim of this Workshop is to bring together researchers and students to discuss current and future challenges of advanced/intelligent sensor-based perception systems for intelligent vehicles and ADAS applications and share their experience in this research topic, in particular:

  • Advanced perception systems and sensor-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithms applied to perception systems.
  • Multimodal sensor data sets (Mono, Stereo and Night Vision, LIDAR, Radar, GPS, IMU) and evaluation measurements.

We want to encourage discussion of current and new challenges in the various topics of advanced perception, including but not limited to: VRU detection, vehicle detection, environment modeling, obstacle detection and tracking, road detection, sensor fusion, road signal detection, cooperative perception, drivers/riders sensor-based assistance systems, situation awareness, data sets, machine learning, scene understanding, active safety, semantic perception, context-based perception.

Data sets

The AMD'16 Workshop welcomes contributions reporting on original research, work under development and experiments of different fields related to perception systems for intelligent vehicles and ADAS applications. We strongly encourage authors to make their datasets available to the community. In order to stimulate and facilitate the comparison of different algorithms, evaluation scripts and ground truth are also welcome. We may also propose to host a web site that organizes links to perception datasets and software/code as well.

Agenda (initial)

  • 1st session:
    • 9:00-09:45 Invited Talk of ...
    • 9:45-10:00 "A Dataset of poorly maintained roads for road detection systems";

      Patrick Shinzato, Tiago Cesar dos Santos, Luis Alberto Rosero, Thomio Watanabe, Daniela Alves Ridel, Carlos Alberto Massera Filho, Francisco Alexandre Ribeiro de Alencar, Alberto Hata, Marcos Batista, Fernando Osorio, Denis Wolf

    • 10:00-10:15 "An approach to traffic analysis over intersections";

      Gustavo Lira, Daniel Moura, Rosaldo Rossetti (To be confirmed)

    • 10:15-10:30 "Towards Intra-Vehicular Sensor Data Fusion";

      Paulo Henrique L. Rettore, Bruno Pereira Santos, André B. Campolina, Leandro A. Villas, Antonio A. F. Loureiro

  • 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
  • 2nd session:
    • 11:00-11:45 Invited Talk of Dr. Nasser Mohammadiha, Senior Analysis Engineer at Volvo Cars, Gothenburg, Sweden

      Title: Autonomous Driving with the Drive Me Project
      Abstract: Autonomous driving (AD) is about providing a part of the answer to the needs and challenges that we are facing on, e.g., reducing the number of casualties and improving the traffic flow. Moreover, AD can play an important role for a sustainable mobility and can save lots of time that is lost in queues every day. Automakers realize that this type of technology will be highly in demand in the future and are therefore spending a lot of research on its development. Volvo Cars Drive Me Project is a research platform in which we investigate how autonomous cars can contribute to a sustainable development, where we look into different aspects from technology and infrastructure to legal and customer expectations. Machine learning plays an important role not only in the development of solutions for AD but also in designing efficient verification processes. After introducing the Drive Me project, we will discuss some AD related challenges, for which machine learning could provide a good solution.

    • 11:45-12:00 "Offline Object Matching and Evaluation Process for Autonomous Driving Verification";

      Johan Florbäck, Lars Tornberg, Nasser Mohammadiha

    • 12:00-12:15 "Multi-Drive Road Map Generation on Standardized High-Velocity Roads Using Low-Cost Sensor Data";

      Maximilian Naumann, André-Marcel Hellmund

    • 12:15-12:30 "Automatic Calibration of Low Cost Inertial Gyroscopes with a PTU";

      Jaime Delgado, Pedro Ramon de Mello Silva, César Henrique Córdova Quiroz, Paulo Kurka (To be confirmed)

  • 12:30-12:35 Workshop closing

Organizing Committee

  • Patrick Shinzato, (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Cristiano Premebida, (Institute for Systems and Robotics, Portugal)
  • Jose Eugenio Naranjo, (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)
  • Brendan Morris, (University of Nevada, USA)